Friday, March 25, 2011

Wait for it!

            The impulse to tackle what became No Reason for Goodbyes – Messages from Beyond Life was the direct result of my anger at discovering that 1) I wasn't the only person who had experienced an after death communication; 2) I had never felt free to reveal it; and 3) there were a host of others in my shoes and most had been as closemouthed about it as I'd been.  So my wish in seeing our experiences in print was to help others like us feel free to talk about it or to accept the possibility that it just might have happened to them and they hadn't recognized it for what it was.   There's an old saying: "Be careful what you wish for.  It just might come true."  Well, it has.  And I'm delighted.
            Folks haven't exactly been coming out of the woodwork, but every time I've been asked, "So when can we expect to see your next book?" and I've opened up with the news about No Reason, the first reaction I've gotten has been a look of pure shock, since most know my last several books have been mysteries.  The next reaction has been a puzzled narrowing of the eyes.  I've learned what to do: wait for it.  And sure enough, what follows has been:  "You know, that's funny.  Something happened to me years ago and I've never forgotten it."  From there, they launch into the explanation, clearly uncomfortable but doing it anyway.  And in all but one instance, what they laid out was clearly an ADC.
            The first time was with someone I'd just met who knew nothing about me and I don't even remember how the subject of the book came up.  Her response, however, was as I described above, in her case, a dream.  Her father had died well before any of her children were born and she'd always been sad that he never got to see them.  In her dream, she and her children were in the family room, the kids playing in the middle of the floor.  She glanced up to see her father standing in the doorway of the hall, smiling down at his grandchildren.  Then, without a word he turned, walked back down the hall and disappeared.  She said that had happened years before yet she could still remember how real it had seemed, how well he had looked and the delight she felt at seeing her wish come true.  She extended her arm to show me the goosebumps pebbling her skin just talking about it. 
I explained about the difference between ordinary dreams and lucid dreams and hers certainly qualified as the latter.  She was amazed at the implications and couldn't wait to call her husband and her best friend. And order the book.
She was only the first.  More to come.  Wait for it.

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