Wednesday, February 23, 2011

After the ADC

How personal After Death Communication experiences have changed my life

"I believe there are two sides to the phenomenon known as death,
this side where we live, and the other side where we shall continue to live.
Eternity does not start with death.
We are in eternity now."

~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

I’ve had the blessing of being on the receiving end of after death communications several times in my life, and like over 100 others all across the globe, had the honor of contributing my most profound experiences in Chassie West’s newest book, No Reason For Goodbyes - Messages From Beyond Life. Chassie has invited me to contribute to this blog in order to share how my life has been impacted by these experiences since they took place.

While I don’t feel that we should walk around convinced that every penny on the pavement is a sign from Aunt Lucille, I do believe that we all have contact with our loved ones on the other side far more than many of us realize…we tend to brush things off as mere coincidence too much of the time. From the song that plays on the radio at just the right moment, to the unexplainable scent of their cologne or cigar smoke in a closed room, our loved ones make their presence known in so many ways if only we are open to receive them.

When a loved one reaches out from beyond the veil, everything changes from that moment on. How can it not? For me, getting these confirmations from my father and mother-in-law personally and directly was incredibly validating and told me beyond any doubt that not only were they “okay”, but they could see and follow along with us as we continued this journey here in the physical world.

Life has changed in many ways since then. I became inspired to work toward developing my intuitive abilities, taught myself to read the Tarot (and now teach others as well) and eventually began my work as an intuitive consultant. Nearly 2 years ago, my good friend Laura Wooster and I launched Walking the Path, a radio program centered on ‘the great journey’ and I'm very proud of what it has become - a supportive resource for people who, like us, seek to learn and grow on a spiritual level.

Within my personal life, I feel that these profound experiences have shaped me into a different person than I used to be. Not just believing but knowing that my loved ones are just a breath away, still available to talk to and offer guidance on some level, is incredibly reassuring. It gives me a sense of peace and hope that I don’t think was as strong before. I no longer focus on the grief of these losses, as I know that, aside from the obvious physical absence, they are not losses but transformations in the way we interact. I cherish each moment more; I try to recognize the divinity within everyone and do what I can to help others out, whether they are family, friends or a stranger in need of a smile.

~Dawn Jones

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