Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome to No Reasons for Goodbyes Blog!

Here begins a new adventure, if not for you, most certainly for me, since I've resisted joining the blogging population for years. Before No Reasons for Goodbye, I wrote mysteries.  When I typed The End at the completion of a manuscript, that's precisely what it was: the end.  I felt I had nothing further to say.  I assumed that even though No Reasons was an entirely different kind of book from any I'd done before, once I'd completed it, that would be it and again, I'd have nothing further to say.  A question from one of my brothers changed my thinking on the subject. To quote him: What motivated you to breech this topic?  I responded, reluctantly, I'll admit, and in the process was hit over the head with a reminder of the reason I tackled the book to begin with: to bust – or burst – out of the metaphysical/paranormal closet, that's why!
My husband, Bob West, left this life in April 1998.  He had taught Communication at a local university for years.  Did it ever occur to me that after his departure it would be the most logical thing in the world for him to "reach out and touch?"  Heck, no!  Dead was dead, kaput, "so long, it's been good to know you."  So when he did try to make contact, I was not prepared for it, in fact, didn't even realize that's what was happening.  He made several attempts using methods I learned later are typical of after death communication (ADC), but to me they were anomalies, electronic and electrical snafus.  It wasn't until he took a more direct approach that I finally got it.  (It's in the book.)  Even then, he had to do it a second and third time before I came to terms with what was happening. 
My initial reaction was typical.  I thought I was going Fruit Loops.  I came up with all the logical explanations I could think of, rationalized, wrestled with it, determined to beat it to the ground and kill it.  But there comes a point when one has to face facts.  Bob West still existed somewhere and was determined to let me know it.  A part of me rejoiced.  I considered myself on the receiving end of a miracle.  Did I tell anyone?  You jest.  Then, thanks to an on-line group I stumbled upon, the FriendsCommunities, I discovered I was not alone in what I was experiencing.  There were a lot of us out there.  And did we talk about it?  Among ourselves, sure.  But with others?  Spouses?  Occasionally.  But best buds?  Co-workers?  Not on our lives. 
When I learned that a fellow writer and friend, someone I'd known for a good decade, had actually seen her father a couple of days after his death, and heard him speak, yet had never talked about it, I was enraged.  Why should we have felt so constrained?  We'd been silent behind gags we'd tied around our mouths because we were afraid of how people would react.  To miracles!!  It was time that stopped.  No Reason for Goodbyes – Messages from Beyond Life is the result.  I and the sixty-plus friends and correspondents who sent me their experiences are officially out of the closet.  And it took brother Bill's question to remind me that the gag is off.  Time to talk the talk and walk the walk.  Ergo this blog spot.
I'll not be alone in posting and I hope you'll check in with us every now and again.  There will be others who'll share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge.  After death communication is far more common than you think.  All it takes is being open to the possibility.  You might be in for a surprise. 
The bottom line?  If there was ever a time for a paradigm shift about the way we view death, that time is now.  Join us in moving the shift along. 
Chassie West

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